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When You Purchase Our Cattle Oilers For Sale You're Helping the Health of the Herd

Protect your cattle with the help of our cattle oilers for sale, the Lewis Oiler. Our oiler provides effective, year-long parasite treatment that improves herd health, promotes weight gain, and lowers stress. Don't get roped in—the Lewis wick ensures effective control without over treatment. It holds the oil ready for treatment as your cattle rub and satisfy their natural instinct to scratch. 

The New LEWIS MODEL 853 upright cattle oiler features a 8-gallon reservoir auto drape oiler, 3-chain synthetic wick, and automatic pumping feature with total volume control. It also has a large loop for easy positioning. The original oiler features a 15-gallon reservoir and a square tank instead of a round one.


8 1/2 gallon, 3-Chain Upright Oiler with Auto Drape


As flies develop resistance to ear tags and as another herd is re infested with lice during calving time, more cattlemen are recognizing the importance of providing year long treatment for effective year long control of parasites.

Spring & Summer:
Face flies, horn flies, stable flies and mosquito's. All major pests that cause losses by disrupting feeding behavior and the spreading of diseases such as pink eye.

Fall: As temperatures drop flies keep warm by remaining under the coats of your cattle. Though not as visible they must still be treated. In the fall the Lewis Cattle Oiler also provides lice control.

Winter: Once all the adult lice are killed, nits (lice eggs) continue to hatch for up to 21 days. This is why you see louse reinfestations, often at calving time, after any one time louse treatment. The Lewis Cattle Oilers for sale makes available the kind of continuous treatment that is required to kill the lice as they hatch.

A FREE BROCHURE with valuable pest control information for all cattle & hog producers is available by contacting us or you can download the PDF file (3.38 MB in size) by clicking here. Requires the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to view, if you do not have this plug-in, click here for the free download.

Increase the health, weight, and comfort of your cattle.
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For more than half a century, we have been helping cattlemen increase their animals' weight, cut down on stress, and save time and money. Based in Oak Lake, Manitoba, our business was started by Joe Lewis in the 1960s. Now over 50 years later we are carrying on the tradition of standing behind our products and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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